Terms and Conditions for Registered Artistes

By registering with Bay Casting as an Artiste you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Information provided on the Bay Casting registration form may be entered onto the Bay Casting computer database and your pictures and profile may be used on the Bay Casting Website and newsletters.


Protecting your Information
Bay Casting will maintain all data provided by Artistes in accordance with requirements and principles of the Data protection Act 1998 Chapter 29.


Bay Casting endeavours to pay the Artiste within ten working days of receipt of correct payment from the client. Payments to Artistes will only be made once the corresponding payments from the client are received and cleared through Bay Casting’s bank. Please allow between 30 – 60 days for payment to reach your account. We must wait until the production company has made payment to us before we can transfer money to you.


Your Responsibilities
If you accept a booking, we will expect you to attend. If at a later date you find you cannot attend, you must inform Bay Casting immediately so that we can inform the client. When accepting your booking please contact us the day before to get your call time (preferably between 4pm and 6.30pm). Please acknowledge messages and calls from us regarding work whether you are available or not and keep a record of your bookings with dates, hours worked and companies – it may be needed.

Have all relevant information and directions with you. Take appropriate clothing as requested. Please arrive early for work and report to reception or allocated assistant. Lateness is not acceptable, not only will your pay be affected, but the company’s willingness to book you again. If due to circumstances beyond your control you find you are going to be late, please contact us immediately so that we can inform the production company.  On the day of work, check if you need to sign out before you leave.

Please do not approach cast members or crew.  They may not look busy but they could be running lines in their head or getting into character. Switch your mobile phone off whilst on set and do not take photographs on set.

Please keep us up to date with your appearance and body measurements – after all you have been selected on the basis of your photo and the information you gave us.


Rates Quoted to Artistes
All rates quoted to Artistes are quoted before any deductions are taken, these deductions can include but are not limited to: commission and national insurance (if applicable).

Rates quoted at the time of booking are quoted before any commission is deducted.  Our commission is 15% for film and television work and 20% for commercials.  Bay Casting pay through the BACS system direct into your bank account. You will be sent a remittance advice detailing what has been paid into your account. If you have a query regarding a payment, please raise it at the earliest opportunity.

By registering with Bay Casting you understand and agree that you are not an employee of Bay Casting. You are employed through the agency, on a self-employed basis and responsible for paying your own National Insurance and tax.